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Swan Secure is now part of the Simpson Strong-Tie Family

Premium corrosion-resistant fastening
Since 1981, Swan Secure has provided builders with an array of high-quality corrosion-resistant nails, screws and specialized fastening products. The Swan Secure brand is known for stainless-steel fasteners that withstand the test of time and the elements – often outlasting the most durable building materials.

One good brand deserves another
As we begin to transition Swan Secure products to the Simpson Strong-Tie brand, new boxes are going to be showing up on our shelves and on jobsites. Rest assured that these new boxes contain the same high-grade corrosion-resistant fasteners you’ve relied on for years. As a company that is committed to structural safety, Simpson Strong-Tie has earned a reputation for refusing to compromise when it comes to quality or performance.

Durable Stainless Fasteners is proud to supply products that contribute to the strength and safety of structures. Our product lines include stainless steel connectors, anchor systems, fasteners and fastening systems for residential and commercial construction
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